What can an attorney do that a collection agency or in house staff can not do?

Unlike a collection agency we have the ability to follow through on litigation. A law firm has the power to issue subpoenas. Our office can bring a suit against your debtor and enforce your judgement until it is completely satisfied.

What information do I need to provide your law firm with to proceed with the claim?

At Paul J. Hooten & Associates we require the name, amount of the debt and the last known address of the debtor. Of course, we would like as much information as possible to assist us in locating and serving individual summonses and complaints. Always keep in mind, more in this case is better. If you can supply us with next of kin, banking information, place of information, place of employment, it will help in a quick recovery.

Is there a minimum dollar amount owed before a judgement can be issued?

The answer is No, you can seek and obtain a judgement for any amount that is owed to you. One consideration for very low balances is the cost of the filing fees. This should assist you in the decision making process if a judgement is the action you wish to take.

Is there a minimum number of accounts I need to place with your firm?

No. A large percentage of our clients have very few accounts with us. Some started with only one or two accounts and call us whenever they have need for our services.